Canada Proceeds With CH-149 Mid-Life Upgrade | Thyssenkrupp is investing in Israel’s VSense Technologies | Norway Orders NSMs

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Canada has tasked  Leonardo with executing the CH-149 “Cormorant” Mid-Life Upgrade (CMLU) Project by awarding a contract $736 million to the Italian aerospace giant.

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Canada has tasked  Leonardo with executing the CH-149 “Cormorant” Mid-Life Upgrade (CMLU) Project by awarding a contract $736 million to the Italian aerospace giant. The mid-life upgrade of the CH-149 search and rescue helicopters will enhance the aircraft’s systems and technologies, ensuring compliance with emerging airspace requirements and extending the life expectancy of the fleet to 2042+. In addition, the upgrade will enable the return of the Cormorant helicopters to the Main Operating Base (MOB) Trenton. The upgrades will include the installation of state-of-the-art avionics, a new glass cockpit, more powerful digitally-controlled engines, wireless in-cabin communications, and the latest search and rescue sensors such as an Electro Optical Infrared device and Mobile Phone Detection Location System.

Lockheed Martin has been awarded  a $1.05-billion deal to advance the production of its F-35 fighter jets for the US armed forces. According to the US Department of Defense, the deal includes purchasing long-lead materials, spare parts, and necessary components to ensure the on-time delivery of the aircraft. The procurement of long-lead items is a critical step in advancing F-35 production since such materials often have a lengthier delivery period, affecting the duration of production.

Middle East & Africa

According to Israel Defense , Germany’s Thyssenkrupp, which manufactures the Israeli Navy’s submarines, will invest millions of euros in the local company VSense Technologies in order to provide it with manufacturing, maintenance, inspection and repairing abilities of equipment installed in the navy’s submarines. The cooperation is with Atlas Electric, the marine technology division of Thyssenkrupp, which mainly focuses on sonar, command and weapons systems for maritime platform. VSense technologies is based in Petah Tikva and specializes in the design, production and integration for military, defense, and civilian naval industry clients. In addition to Israel, Thyssenkrupp has been building submarines for the German and Norwegian navies.


The Albanian government has inked  a deal with Turkish defense firm Baykar to acquire three unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Under the agreement, Baykar will deliver TB2 armed drones to the Balkan nation, bolstering the modernization efforts of the country’s armed forces in 2023. “The initial three drones will be armed and ready for combat and for use in any possible case that I hope will never be the case,” Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said.

Kongsberg fifth-generation naval strike missiles (NSMs) for the Royal Norwegian Navy

Norway’s state procurement agency has recently ordered  additional Kongsberg fifth-generation naval strike missiles (NSMs) for the Royal Norwegian Navy. Under the $61 million supplemental agreement, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace will deliver more “ship-killer” missiles at an undisclosed date. “Kongsberg appreciates the strong cooperation with the National Defence Materiel Agency (NDMA) team and looks forward to continuing these efforts as we focus on the deliveries to the Norwegian Navy,” the company said.

Taiwan RoCAF E 2K 2503
Taiwan E-2K Hawkeye airborne early aircraft

Taiwan has decided  against carrying out expensive repairs to a E-2K Hawkeye airborne early aircraft that was damaged during a belly landing incident on November 25. According to local news reports, the cost of repairs will cost $65.16 million. The cause of the incident, in which the landing gear failed to deploy, was due to pilot error. This is the second such incident for a Taiwan Hawkeye. A similar accident occurred in 1997 when #2503 was damaged in the same way. However, the aircraft was repaired using a fuselage that was being produced for the US Navy.


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