Rafael upgrades Spyder system to counter tactical ballistic missiles

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Featured Image SPYDER Surface to Air Launcher for Python 5 and Derby Missiles
SPYDER Surface to Air Launcher for Python 5 and Derby Missiles

The Spyder air defense system can now counter tactical ballistic missiles thanks to an upgrade by its Israeli manufacturer, Defense News reported.

The new feature by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems comes amid the war in Ukraine, which has featured a barrage of aerial attacks, as well as missile tests by North Korea and Iran.

“The new capability involves the Derby LR missile interceptor, which underwent both hardware and software upgrades,” a company official said.

In a separate statement, Rafael noted the additional capability “involved researching and analyzing the lessons learned from recent and ongoing armed conflicts involving extensive use of tactical ballistic missiles.”

Rafael is one of Israel’s largest defense companies and is behind the successful Iron Dome system, which is a short-range air defense system.

The company also makes the David’s Sling air defense system.

Together with Israel’s long-range Arrow, the three air defense systems are part of the country’s multilayered approach to countering aerial threats.

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