About Us

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The International Studies of Strategic and Geopolitics (ISSG) is a not-for-profit policy research organization dedicated to the study of the world’s greatest challenges.

The purpose of the ISSG is to define the future of national and international security. We are governed by a distinct set of values: non-partisanship, independent thinking, innovative thinking, interdisciplinary knowledge, integrity and professionalism, and talent development. The ISSG values work together to make a real-world impact.

ISSG scholars bring their political experience, judgment, and robust networks to their research, analysis, and recommendations with the aim of increasing knowledge, awareness, and importance of policy issues with relevant stakeholders and the interested public.

The ISSG makes an impact when our research helps inform the decision-making of key policymakers and the thinking of key influencers. We work towards a vision of a safer and more prosperous world.


José Carlos Palma

International Analyst and Founder of ISSG

Expert in international relations, such as foreign policy, international trade, domestic security, international security, developing nations, and domestic security, intelligence.

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